Sunday, May 4, 2008

Dos Logo's Condo

A couple of weeks ago I finished the complete Design Development phase of an entire condo in a new Corona neighborhood DosLogo's. As always the process of actually putting the design plan to work can take some time, but my clients started on the downstairs paint this last weekend and needless to say it was very exciting for me. Here are a few of the working pictures. My favorite so far has to be the kitchen. The chocolate brown really makes the white cabinets pop and hides the fact that the granite back splash only goes all the way up to the cabinets above the stove.
Den to the living room.
Large stairwell wall (half dry with funny light making it look uneven, it wasn't)

Kitchen Before
Kitchen After
I can't really call this the after, but its in the process of being the after.

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  1. Is the brown on the hall wall the same as the brown in the kitchen? It looks really good. I could have used you here with my new house, I had to hire a designer to help me pick out the colors and also a painter for some of the walls that our 2 story ladder couldn't reach. My house was such a nightmare to paint. Erica